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A performance based on the film "Fargo" with Russian characters was presented in Novosibirsk

22 december 2023

Novosibirsk theater "Old House" presented a performance based on the American film "Fargo", which was awarded several Academy Awards. The production is set in Siberia, a TASS correspondent reports from the premiere.


"The work with the script was carried out in several stages. At the very beginning, the playwright and I discussed some kind of general plan of what we want to do and how close we will do to the original script, because there are films, there are scripts and there is a huge amount of fan art. We decided that we did not want to literally repeat the film, literally repeat its aesthetics, but somehow apply this story to ourselves," said director Evgeny Malenchev.


The plot centers on car salesman Herman, who orders the kidnapping of his own wife in order to force a rich father-in-law to pay a ransom for her. However, the plan collapses and the situation gets out of control. As Malenchev noted, in their interviews, the Cohen brothers, describing the town of Fargo, where all the events take place, compared it to Siberia. However, in the play, the place of action is not a specific city, but simply a snow-covered space.


As the director emphasized, it was fundamentally important for the creators of the play not to stage the film, translating the names of the characters into Russian, but to apply this story to themselves in this particular time and space. One of the key images of the play was snow, which covers not only the stage, but also the faces of the actors. According to the director, this allows you to create a surreal effect of what is happening.


The film "Fargo" by American directors Joel and Ethan Cohen was released in 1996. The film collected about 60 film awards, including two Academy Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Actress.


Previously, the premiere was scheduled for 2022, but later it was postponed due to a change of leadership at the institution. 

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